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Renungan Tahun Baru 2010

Posted in FILOSOFI INVEST. by ihedge on the January 2nd, 2010
Berikut adalah tulisan menarik dari Stockbee tentang proses perubahan “orbital”. Mohon maaf sebelumnya bila ada bagian yang kurang berkenan. Menurut saya isinya cukup menarik untuk dicermati. Aim for orbital change in 2010 Making real progress in life or trading is like a orbit jumping process. Your task is to jump from lower orbit level to next higher [...]
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Finale dari Victor Niederhoffer

Posted in FILOSOFI INVEST. by ihedge on the February 22nd, 2009
Tulisan di bawah ini adalah dari Victor Niederhoffer, dalam bukunya yang sangat saya rekomendasikan: “The education of a speculator”. Mari kita renungkan dalam-dalam. “Take account of ecology. Where does the other side live? What does he eat? Does he respond best to slow or fast lures? Always consider the rhythms. Try to synchronize your activities with [...]
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Gathering with Friends

Posted in Planet Singapura, FILOSOFI INVEST., Samsat by Bagio n Susana on the December 25th, 2008

Wednesday, 24 December 2008
We went to Br. Liew’s house for gathering with YWS for dinner and some fellowship.
Bagio prepared Satay for the dinner.

Children also had their good times…
Thursday, 25 December 2008
Midian (our ex-colleague @ Williton) invited us to his new house @ Yishun St. 71. This is also our opportunity to have a small reunion with the others ex-colleagues of Williton (except Jason who is still working for Williton).
Bagio shown here with the clog from Holland.
Rhashidah with son, May, Uncle George, Jason, Midian, Susana, Bagio, Fajar with daughter.
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Thoo’s Family

Posted in Planet Singapura, FILOSOFI INVEST. by Bagio n Susana on the December 8th, 2008

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Gathering @ Paterson Residence with Thoo’s family, as Jeanny/Larry and Timothy were here.

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Visitors: Amin & Lina

Posted in Planet Singapura, FILOSOFI INVEST. by Bagio n Susana on the November 19th, 2008

14-16 November 2008
Amin and his wife, Lina was in town. We had great time and went to No Signboard Seafood for dinner and then to Clarke Quay for drinks with Herman, Samuel & Yugo (Lina’s clients).

On Sunday afternoon we met @ Le Meridien’s eating place for lunch and chat.
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Behind every great woman …

Posted in Planet Singapura, FILOSOFI INVEST., fun, Story by Wati on the October 20th, 2008
.. there's a fabulous gay man :-D

Maybe that explains why late Lady Di has Elton John, Julia Roberts has Rupert (in my best friend's wedding) .. Grace has Will (in TV series Will & Grace) .. .. it's not new.

It's just that some of us won't talk about it, or simply get away from gays like they're some kind of deadly disease ... Well, they're a human being, just like you and me and anybody else. I know, because some good friends of mine are ... gay. And although I also know that we don't always need to have gay friends to be great, and great is relative .. I just write this down because I'm thinking of them ..

Some of them admit it, but some are still hiding because of taboo, cultural and religious norms that can't accept the condition and condemn them as a sick-minded people.

From what I knew, they are "normal". They're just a man but with the sensibility of a woman. No wonder many of them become a singer, writer, a gallery owner or a home decorator .. maybe because they're born observers and many of them develop a good eye for beauty, people, style.

For all do respect to my beloved husband, of course I never hangout with them anymore. But they're still a part of my life, they're still my good friends.. and like what the writer said, "gay or straight, men are men. they know exactly what men really think. maybe your girlfriends offer sympathy when you're down and an extra blanket for you to feel warm, because they don't wan't to hurt your feelings, that's a noble intent .. but not always helpful and fix the problem" ..
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Posted in Planet Singapura, Tempat, FILOSOFI INVEST., quote by Wati on the October 13th, 2008
Classmates, 1982

Yesterday afternoon I went out to meet my old school mate. It's been 23 years we haven't seen each other. Thanks to facebook, we could found each other and meet again after all those years..

She's still that person I knew long time ago despite all the changes in our lives. She's a real down-to-earth person that I envy for so many things since we're teens. She's also been living abroad for many years. She lived in Singapore a few years back for quite some times with her-then-husband and when they've finally moved back to Jakarta, they spilt up. She now has a dutch husband, they've been together for 5 years now but they still haven't got children, that's why she's thinking to adopt a child.

We talked about many things, about the past, our friends, family, what she's been up to now (she just moved to Penang from Shanghai) and looks like she enjoys it. She also talked about how the economic woes affecting the investors her husband works with and it gave a bit concern to them as they've just moved to new country for business expansion...

But when I asked her, do they have any plans to go back to our country, once again I heard my friend said .. "I don't think so" .. and she explained why, not the traffic jams, not the floods or the cost of living, schools, etc .. she concerns about "relationship" matter. Maybe because her marriage didn't work last time so she won't take the same road anymore. According to her, knowing how people live in Jakarta (and maybe most of big cities) threatening couples and family to break ..

Then I thought about some of my friends who got divorced .. but from what I knew, people split up for some reasons, and not always about "temptations" that leads to an unfaithful relationship .. From what I've learnt so far, a marriage is a long time commitment and it takes both people involved in it to work out. It takes two to make things work. Need an equal efforts, a lot of courage and struggle and patience.. to understand each other.

Well, in the end of our reunion, I wished her all the best in the future and hoping that we can keep in touch.
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Tooth fairy

Posted in Planet Singapura, daily, Tempat, FILOSOFI INVEST., movie by Wati on the October 10th, 2008

I took Annisa to the dentist today. It's her first time going to a dentist. Usually it's the school dentist who make a regular check-ups to the students.

I have this handy book, a "guide" for important address and numbers for families who live in Singapore by The French Woman Association in Singapore (AFS). I could find almost everything, from schools, shops, doctors, dentists, birthday parties organizers, restaurants etc recommended by AFS and its members.

From the dentists list, there are several noted as "dame, douce avec les enfants" ( woman, gentle with children). so I picked one and I was very satisfied with my choice. She's really gentle and she gave treats to children (badge, tooth box, etc), no sweets f course .. sweets are bad for teeth, remember? ... and I would gladly recommend her to anyone who needs a dentist.

Arrived at home, Annisa ran to her room and put her baby tooth under the pillow and wished for the tooth fairy or a mouse will take her tooth and replace them with something ..

She heard the dentist said the tooth fairy will give her money (what a materialistic fairy she is..) but she also heard her friend said that mouse will replace them with a surprise gift ;-)

I said to Annisa to turn off the light in her room as fairies don't like bright lights.. and she also had to eat dinner first to give time for the fairy to prepare her surprise... and boy, how she ate well, she finished her dinner! and when her father came home around 8 pm, she hurried him to see what she got from the dentist: her badge, her box and her ... tooth! but .. she couldn't find them under the pillow! instead she found a package from the fairy .. she opened it and she jumped in joy!! a present from the tooth fairy!! a beautiful new skirt! ... she said loud and clear:
"mong, je veux casser les dents encore, comme ca je peux avoir encore des cadeaux!!" (mong, I want to loose my teeth again, so I could have more presents!!) ... hehehe ...

Dear fairy*, thanks for the wonderful gift, Annisa loves it!

*ps: the tooth fairy lives in Braddel actually ... ;-D
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Be vigilant

Posted in Planet Singapura, batik, FILOSOFI INVEST., movie, Phinisi by Wati on the October 7th, 2008
Another topic that I spoke with AA last weekend was "crime" :-O .. as if he's my partner in crime?, hehe, no .. we talked about safety for children in the big cities as both of my children are girls. He said I must be extra careful. Although in Singapore is safer than in Jakarta, we must still be vigilant.

He didn't get the chance to meet my kids, as they've all gone to bed at 10 pm last Sunday night, but he could see their pictures around the house and he got the idea that I'm all into my family now.

He suggested that we shouldn't think of moving back to home country, not at this time, he said. "Have you heard of child kidnapping at the malls?" .. he asked me, "it happened quite often now, not only at the malls, at home too .. while the parents went out to work and the kids were staying with their nanny, there's some cases that these nanny are also a criminal" ... I just nodded, imagined the horror.. and wished and pray that these things will never happen to us, oh God .. please help us.

I remember the poster I've seen near our place warning people that "LOW CRIME DOESN"T MEAN NO CRIME" .. and agree that we all must be really careful these days .. *sigh* .. I dream of living without fears when I was a kid, I rode bicycle alone every afternoon around the area where we're living in Jogjakarta. "Sagan" area, just near IKIP and Gadjah Mada University was my playground .. Going through rows of small streets, watching new students at the university gathered with all sorts of funny looking outfit every new school years began.. those days were gone.

Like AA told me, now his nieces and nephews all have nanny who would take them to school, wait for them during school hours, and wait for them outside the school gate to take them home. So when he asked me "who stay with your kids at school?" .. I'm a bit confused with his question at first, but I said "nobody" we rely on the school bus to take them there and bring them back, and we don't hire anybody to stay and watch our kids at school ... thankfully in Singapore these things are still possible ..
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Faraway Eid in 9 years

Posted in Planet Singapura, daily, batik, Tempat, FILOSOFI INVEST. by Wati on the October 2nd, 2008
We never celebrate Eid with family in our home country anymore since .. well, since 1999 exactly. Instead we'll try to celebrate it as joyful as it should be with "new family" we've met along the way..

No matter where we are, Eid should always feel a special day to us. It is a day of forgiveness, moral victory, peace, fellowship, brotherhood and unity.

Yesterday was the second time we celebrate Eid in Singapore, and I must say it's better than when we're in France and Switzerland. Here, the Indonesian community is bigger.. and like they said, the more people get together the merrier.. :-)

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